Waybiller People: Progressive Külli keeps herself motivated by results daily

By now, some Waybiller customers have come into contact with Külli – since March 2022, she has kept an eye on the satisfaction and success of Waybiller’s partners and customers.

Külli had previously met Waybiller through a previous job. Waybiller CEO Ivar Merilo and sales manager Kert Kaspar Tammaru went to Ardor to offer cooperation, but the partnership did not immediately start. However, there were several contacts later through other cooperation partners. Külli got the idea to work at Waybiller at the beginning of 2022 when she saw an advertisement for the position of Customer Success Manager. “Totally my topic! I applied, and here I am now – Customer Success Manager,” says Külli. “My task is to fit Waybiller into the client’s business as easily and comfortably as possible. I map the existing processes, make a plan, implement and train.”

Customer management is very close to Külli’s heart. Previously, Külli worked as a consultant at EMT (today’s Telia), where she received intense customer service training and her first experience in the technological world. Her life path then led to the company HKScan Estonia as an assistant manager, allowing her to participate in the HR projects of the HKScan group.

“Before joining Waybiller, I worked at Ardor and was actively involved in the projects of the entire Warmeston group. The biggest projects became integrated group-based e-waybill and warehouse management systems,” says Külli about his journey to e-waybills. “We also integrated factories’ car scales, and the data finally reached the accounting system.”

“Waybiller’s journey so far has been completely different than any other company,” says Külli. “Since it is a start-up company, everything is in a strong and fast growth phase from the recruitment process to the company itself. Many processes are still under development, and there is sometimes a little chaos. It’s fascinating.” says Külli, not giving up.

Külli compares the culture of Waybiller with the IT development company Thorgate. “The mantra in the whole group is “Think people, not products!” and you can feel it. We try to find solutions suitable for everyone, communicate with each other and organise many joint events.” Külli also points out the opportunity to develop: “Self-development and aspirations are highly supported. Everyone can choose their path in the company. For example, during my time here, I have already managed to get two internal projects in my “possession” – Knowledge Base and Customer Support Center. Through these projects, I have learned much about the company and the customer base, which has greatly improved me. Of course, such projects also greatly help the entire company.”

In addition to process mapping, Külli also meets with customers. “The first customer visits as a so-called listener have been inspiring. Ivar and Kert Kaspar took me with them to the clients so that I could establish initial contacts and see what the meetings looked like. These moves were very educational and interesting. We could discuss this at the office table and see the work process related to car and loader scales in the quarry. The first independent customer visit and several calls have been made to date. I still fear – maybe I can’t answer some questions or something wrong. But our customers are very nice, and I learn with them. If I don’t know, I’ll look for an answer. I will search until I find.”

According to Küll, the difference between Waybiller and other companies is already in the recruitment process. I had to go through several interviews and do my homework. At the same time, Külli notes that the interviews were by no typical means of recruitment: “Once the HR checked my professional knowledge, I was able to meet the entire Waybiller team to get a feel for each other – whether we still fit. It was a very nice conversation in free form. We matched!”

Lastly, Külli talked with Raido, CEO of the Thorgate group. “There was no discussion about my homework or previous work experience, but we discussed values, goals and personal characteristics.”

Finally, Külli points out the open and direct communication within the group, which she says is lacking in many companies. “I still have to learn that,” Külli says with a smile. Mutual communication and directness came out on the first day: Waybiller and the entire Thorgate group have a tradition, such as awkward questions. “The whole team welcomes each new person, and then there are awkward questions… everyone can ask anything. It made my legs tremble at first, but in the end, it was an enjoyable and humorous conversation about embarrassing moments in life.” Külli talks about her experience.

In her free time, Külli mainly works in the stable. “Both my daughter and my niece have chosen horseback riding in their lives, and as a result, it has probably become a hobby for our whole family,” she says. “My niece Lisette Kivro already rides at a high level, being a multiple Estonian champion and has also participated in the Nordic and European Championships. She is 15 years old but so motivated and determined. Lisette is my role model. I recently took my first riding lesson. It’s not as easy as it looks from a distance.”

Külli also keeps up with the activities of her friend Ave, going to sell gelato with her from time to time. “These trips are so lovely. The customers are very friendly, and the taste experiences are wonderful! A treat, as Ave herself says. 

Külli keeps herself motivated daily with results. If the work brings a result, it gives momentum to continue to act. When demanding results, Külli is always infectiously cheerful. From the very first meetings, Külli’s entire team caught the eye with her eagerness to learn, good mood and open mind, which are essential qualities for a Customer Success Manager.

“Nothing is a waste of time if you learn something from it”, says Külli in conclusion as a thought that accompanies her daily.

If you are interested in joining the Waybiller team, take a look at our careers page or send us your CV and cover letter directly at jobs@waybiller.com

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