Digital process transformation in logistics – Waybiller and TREV-2

TREV-2 Group: Estonian infrastructure construction leader

TREV-2 Group is a company focused on constructing and maintaining Estonian infrastructure objects, including several quarries and asphalt factories. The company belongs to one of the world’s largest infrastructure and urban development groups, the global VINCI group, which owns similar companies in more than 120 countries. Due to the fact that TREV-2 manages the production of bulk material necessary for its own supply chain in Estonia and factories, it is thus possible to bring project costs under control of the supply chain. In 2023, TREV-2 started digitalising its quarries with Waybiller. The goal was to digitalise all outgoing loads and send the information automatically to the accounting software.


Pilot project and first experiences with e-waybills

TREV-2’s first contact with e-waybills was in 2020, when it won a public procurement, within the framework of which the Transpordiamet piloted the use of e-waybills in road construction. Waybiller, the e-waybills platform, was chosen as a partner, with which the pilot transported more than 2,000 loads of material to the site. The project manager praised the new digital system, and the feedback showed a noticeable time gain from using e-waybills. Back then, the Waybiller software was used as a project manager’s tool – when drivers received a load, they created a digital copy on a piece of paper in the Waybiller system, and the site manager conveniently received the data. After a successful pilot, the goal was to fully digitalise the supply chain in order to automatically create an e-waybill of lading for every load issued from the quarry and thereby eliminate manual work processes.


Phased implementation of e-waybills

Today, TREV-2 has entirely moved to e-waybills in its quarries. The implementation of the new system took place in stages. First, the company undertook a training, during which the new process and the ultimate goal were explained to the team. Then, we carried out a test period in the Reinu quarry with an interfaced weighing system. After a successful trial period, the Waybiller platform was integrated with the company’s accounting software to move data automatically. At the same time, all other careers were transferred to a digital solution in order to achieve the maximum increase in efficiency.


Project results:

  • Data moving in real-time: Since the database is now the same between all TREV-2 units and customers, there is a noticeable win at the expense of manual data entry, sales invoice preparation, and general data management.


  • Alternative costs: Thanks to the fully digital solution, the company no longer incurs alternative costs in the form of using paper, collecting delivery notes or additional data checks. Convenience is also added by the fact that customers receive the data themselves, and there is no longer a need to report on the issue of separate material.


  • Data directly from the scale: Integrated scales ensure that the quantities of material dispensed are correct and enable more efficient work in the quarry.


“In our case, the biggest time win was the integration of scales with Waybillerg. From the moment we started creating e-waybills from the quarries ourselves, errors have been minimised to essentially zero, and the data can be checked in real-time. It is a pleasure to see that the pilot project has grown into a new industry standard that has not yet been implemented in this form anywhere else in the world. We also submitted the Waybiller e-waybill solution to the VINCI Group’s top innovation competition, and we hope to bring the award to Estonia.” – Indrek Malm, TREV-2 Area Manager


Impact of e-waybills on the sector

E-waybills have clearly progressed the entire road construction sector and its supply chain, making the transportation process more efficient and reducing manual work. In Estonia, e-waybills have become a standard solution in the sector in a few years, which confirms that constant innovation is key to making work processes more efficient. In today’s turbulent business environment, where input prices are constantly changing, and there is a lot of uncertainty, this kind of digital transformation is especially important.



TREV-2’s experience with e-waybills shows how important it is for companies to look for new, innovative solutions constantly. The introduction of e-waybills has led to an increase in efficiency and a decrease in costs, which has given the company a competitive advantage. In the future, such digital solutions can also be expected to become the norm in other sectors, helping companies better adapt to changing market conditions.

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