Fully digital grain transportation with Waybiller

Jahvataja OÜ operates a fully digital grain terminal in cooperation with Waybiller. In addition, important changes have been introduced in the terminals of KEVILI Farmers Cooperative in Roodevälja and Rõngu.


Jahvataja OÜ

Jahvataja OÜ grows cereals and legumes and installed an automatic scale for sending and receiving loads. In addition to automatic weighing, a warehouse management system was also integrated, with which the stock is visible in real-time to all partners of Jahvataja OÜ.

With Waybiller, Jahvataja OÜ process looks like this:

First, the customer places a transport order in Waybiller for each load, with the location of the scale as the starting point and the location of the end customer as the destination. In the case of imports, it’s important to definitely have the e-waybill. The driver loads the truck and drives to the Jahvataja terminal. When they reach Jahvataja, the truck first drives on the scale for the first time to weigh the laden truck and then a sample is taken. If everything is alright, the truck unloads, the empty truck is weighed again and the truck can leave.

In the case of export, Jahvataja OÜ creates a transport order. The driver, who receives the transport order, weighs the empty truck at the terminal, loads the goods and drives on the scale for a second time to weigh the fully loaded truck. The driver is shown a real-time stabilized weight on Waybiller and can confirm it there. Upon arrival and after unloading the truck, the driver marks that the load has reached the destination in the application.

In addition to autonomous weighing, Waybiller also created a simple warehouse management solution that allows you to track warehouse inventory in real-time. Jahvataja can see an overview of all its warehouses and also by customers. The inventory can be exported to Excel. The inventory always reflects the quantities of dry grain and the stock changes automatically according to the weighings and the dry grain formula.


KEVILI Farmers Cooperative

Roodevälja and Rõngu terminals are the largest and most modern grain terminals built by farmers themselves in Estonia. The terminals hold a total of about 100,000 tons of grain and both dryers can dry 75 tons per hour. The terminals are home to the most modern laboratories in Estonia, which perform a quick analysis of grain samples in a few moments. A maximum of 400 tons of grain or about 16 trucks can be received per hour in one terminal.

The current procedure requires the truck to travel to a terminal with an e-waybill, where the weighing and sampling take place at the same time (on the scale). The truck driver then marks the waybill to destination and the waybill is manually accepted by KEVILI.

The procedure already works well in the big picture, but the manual weight entry in Roodevälja and Rõngu will change, and licence plate reading cameras are added to automate the weighings.

The new import process from the driver’s point of view looks like this – the driver drives on the scale with the truck, presses a button and the waybill is automatically sent to the software. Then a sample is taken, and the driver drives off the scale and waits for the result. If everything is in order, the goods will be allowed to be unloaded and the driver will drive on the scale for the second time, where the weight is sent directly to Waybiller and self-service.

In the case of export, the main difference is that one truck can have only one active transport order. First, the unladen weight is weighed, then the goods are loaded, the truck’s full weight is weighed and the driver can drive to their destination. Transport prices are calculated automatically.


Waybiller and grain transportation

We’re developing a new display for drivers, making the application more user-friendly and convenient. We’ve changed the dashboard and now display waybills next to the transport orders.

In addition, there has been an important change in the regulations and indicating personal identification codes have become mandatory!

If you’d like to know how you can start using e-waybills in your company or integrate your dryers or scales, write to us at support@waybiller.com or call +372 606 8120.


Jahvataja OÜ, KEVILI

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