Why should companies use Waybiller in a time of crisis?

Waybiller is a software that provides an easy-to-use e-waybills solution for logistics companies. The software allows companies to replace paper with digital waybills and benefit from the increased overall efficiency of logistics, resulting in increased economic competitiveness. Waybiller is suitable for all companies: from small family business owners transporting goods seasonally to enterprises transporting goods daily. 

For all parties, the primary motivation to use Waybiller is to get rid of the tedious paperwork and get information from waybills directly to their accounting software so that they can send invoices to each other. Getting rid of paperwork and reducing manual labour hours helps any company save money in the long run. 

Integrate scales and systems

Eesti Killustik is the first company in Estonia to have fully digitalised data transmission in quarries, reducing a significant amount of labour costs – estimated 800MHRS/month – and time spent on the manually handled loading process. With the function now viewable in real-time, they can easily share information with all partners. Moreover, the whole process is contactless.  

Waybiller integrations help users reduce manual data entry and avoid entering data multiple times. Integration with the port’s software allows ports to issue digital delivery notes and gate permits upon receipt of goods. Integration with the weighing system enables the shipper to create an e-waybill and transfer the weight of the goods.

Waybiller is an efficient tool for transport companies to get their work done faster and more organised. Seamless transport order tracking, dead simple reporting and visibility into the job.

24/7 real-time overview

Waybiller is an excellent way to organise transport while giving all parties access to real-time information. It is beneficial for both senders and receivers to control transportation companies that deliver goods to them and ensure they have sent the correct invoice. They use the Waybiller Excel report as a basis and are not willing to consider any other document as proof that delivery happened.

For transport organisers, Waybiller is the best way to plan routes, trucks and drivers. Waybiller offers the most accessible driver application possible for old and new drivers to manage their tasks and create e-waybills.

Transportation company Taital Trans introduced Waybiller in early 2020 and says it previously took 2-3 working days a month to manage paper waybills. Now they only need a few hours a month, which means hundreds of hours saved each month. Taking the first steps toward becoming paperless, Taital Trans kept about 30,000 sheets of paper in the first year alone.

Work smarter, not harder

100% of the clients have confirmed that reducing manual work means saving hundreds of hours per month with labour costs. The biggest time gain comes from compiling and checking reports, which takes 5 minutes with the new system. The cost of managing waybills is reduced by up to 3-4 times and is faster and more accurate.

Waybiller is a step toward the future of logistics – a future that is digitalised, paperless and simple. We believe your data should be synchronised automatically, which is why we have created software that helps you save hours of manual data input – the software handles these operations instead of you!

To start using e-waybills in your business, contact us at support@waybiller.com and book a demo with our sales representatives!

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