Build a more sustainable company with Waybiller

Supply chain management plays an integral role in your company’s success. With increasing pressure from customers and activists alike, the responsibility falls on organisations to run green and sustainable supply chains.  Placing the data at the heart of supply chain operations enables businesses to work more efficiently and effectively. Improving freight collaboration, material, and goods […]

Why should companies use Waybiller in a time of crisis?

Waybiller is a software that provides an easy-to-use e-waybills solution for logistics companies. The software allows companies to replace paper with digital waybills and benefit from the increased overall efficiency of logistics, resulting in increased economic competitiveness. Waybiller is suitable for all companies: from small family business owners transporting goods seasonally to enterprises transporting goods […]

How Waybiller is bringing together Norwegian investments and Estonian tech to make logistics paperless

Estonian logistics startup, Waybiller recently announced that they had raised €500.000 in funding to make transport truly paperless. Interestingly, the backing came from Norwegian angel investors Espen Getz Harstad (Outline Ventures) and Nicklas Haslestad, besides Estonia-based Thorgate Ventures and Vestman Energia. In addition to half a million in funding, Waybiller has also maintained close ties […]

The best time to switch to e-waybills is now

It seems like just yesterday when trucks formed a nearly 60-kilometre-long line after Poland closed its border with Germany in March 2020. By now it’s clear that there’s nothing temporary about the way this pandemic has shaped the world and the logistics sector specifically. Logistics is the lifeline of a globalized economy. Having tens if […]

Green logistics: how to make your supply chain more sustainable with e-waybills

Logistics is often the invisible backbone of our increasingly globalized economy. Most of the food, clothes and other products surrounding us daily have travelled a long way across the world. This seemingly effortless, yet complicated travel of goods and products has a significant environmental impact that we often don’t realize. This impact includes the more […]