Kiviluks keeps track of orders with Waybiller

Kiviluks, a company with long quarry experience, now keeps an eye on the freight with the help of Waybiller. Digitisation of loader scales saves time at the expense of manual data entry.



Kiviluks is a private capital-based company founded in 1997. The company started with the idea of ​​valuing domestic mineral material by reprocessing it and becoming the most efficient company in the country in this area.

They are one of the first companies in the Baltics to own mobile mineral crushing and screening equipment. They have many years of experience in mineral processing, crushed stone production and quarry management.

Kiviluks is engaged in mining construction materials, managing quarries and selling construction materials. Kiviluks has six loader scales and one auto scale for large-scale work today.



Issuing all material was done on paper with delivery slips before Waybiller and involved a lot of manual work. Each party had to manage the paperwork, enter it into their accounting or Excel, and compare data in the case of mutual settlement.

The goal of using Waybiller was to digitise 100% of outgoing waybills and make the process completely paperless.


How Waybiller helped

Kiviluks’ process was 100% manual before Waybiller, so making a choice was not difficult. Waybiller already has experience in interfacing with multiple weighing systems, accounting software and third parties. The project’s main goal was to digitise the weight statements from Kiviluks loaders and introduce the Waybiller e-waybill system so that an e-waybill draws up automatically for each outgoing load.

The previous process was as follows: the truck drove to the quarry, where the driver informed the loader driver through the radio transmitter which goods and how much to load. The loader driver entered the customer and the truck into the weighing system and loaded the load onto the truck. The loader driver then printed a check to prove the loaded fraction, truck quantity, and customer weighing. Based on the bill, a waybill was issued from the quarry and sent to the customer. Moreover, Kiviluks also kept a quarry diary. Every evening, a check for the day’s production was taken out and placed in the career diary.

By joining Waybiller, the goal was to digitise 100% of outgoing waybills and make the process paperless. Kiviluks employees can now create orders themselves through the Waybiller software. Orders can be prepared both locally and from anywhere with an internet connection. The truck drives to the quarry, where the loader driver executes the active order straight from the loader. The truck driver tells the loader driver what and how much to load via a radio transmitter. The loader driver loads the load onto the truck, and after checking the weight, the loader driver secures the load. An e-waybill is generated automatically and sent to the transport company, the driver and the customer’s representative by e-mail. The truck driver drives on to the end customer and, upon arrival, marks the load as accepted. All parties can also extract an Excel report on their related e-waybills from Waybiller.



Thanks to Waybiller, the Kiviluks’ waybill processes are now digitised:

  • Kiviluks’ employees can prepare orders themselves
  • Customers can prepare orders themselves in agreement with Kiviluks
  • Less manual work
  • Possibility to add your destinations


The whole process involved quite a lot of handwork beforehand. Each party had to manage the paperwork, enter it into their accounting or Excel, and compare data in the case of mutual settlement. By introducing Waybiller, the Kiviluks team can now monitor processes in real-time and digitally, saving hours of manual work and having a better overview of orders.

If you’d also want to use electronic waybills in your company, feel free to contact the Waybiller team by e-mail at or by phone at +372 606 8120.

We can help you replace paper waybills in your company with fully digital waybills and integrate Waybiller with your accounting software.


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