Why did Ruu Kivi start using e-waybills?

Ruu Kivi is a company with a long history that sells high-quality granite gravel to the Estonian market, which is used for various purposes, e.g. for seal coating, anti-skid road treatment, railway ballast, and the production of asphalt concrete mixtures and concrete. Before the spring of 2020, only paper waybills were used for granite gravel transport. The biggest concern when using paper waybills was their collection and storage. The partners were often in different locations, so it took a long time to travel between them and collect the waybills, which made it very inefficient.

That’s why they started searching for another solution. They considered various solutions for e-waybills until finally, they found the seemingly ideal option – Waybiller e-waybill software.

In the spring of 2020, Ruu Kivi started a partial transition from paper waybills to e-waybills. These changes were encouraged by the desire to reduce manual data entry, to get a real-time overview of shipments, and positive feedback from the partners already using e-waybills.

How did Waybiller solve Ruu Kivi’s problem?

The biggest gain Ruu Kivi got from using Waybiller was saving time. Before Waybiller, Ruu Kivi employees used to collect shipment documents in different offices, but with Waybiller, they have a digital environment to keep all waybills in one place and get a real-time overview of the shipments. In addition, Ruu Kivi decided to connect Waybiller first with Merit Aktiva’s accounting program and later with Joosep’s accounting software. As a result, e-waybills now reach the accounting software with just one click.

Thanks to Waybiller, Ruu Kivi’s organization of logistics also became more efficient – they got a real-time overview of freights and truck locations, and they could now plan the truck routes more efficiently. Ruu Kivi employees no longer have to call drivers or shippers, but receive all the necessary information directly from the Waybiller application.

Additionally, Waybiller is integrated with the scales of almost all ports in North Estonia (Muuga Port, Kunda Port, Sillamäe Port and soon Tallinn Bekker Port). This way, e-waybills are automatically created in the Waybiller application with the exact weight also automatically entered after weighing. Ruu Kivi helped with interfacing in several ports and was also one of the first to use the interfaces.

According to Mal-Brit Pärnpuu, the representative of Ruu Kivi, they did not have any difficulties getting to know the new software. Waybiller is a very user-friendly application – once you get the hang of it, there are no problems with using the software. Waybiller’s software is updated regularly, and the Waybiller team takes customer feedback very seriously and is constantly working on making the application better and more convenient.

Ruu Kivi also notes that integrations with different weighing systems are extremely important in the digitization of logistics. In order to make the most of the e-waybill software, everyone should adopt the digital solution.

If you’d like to know how you can start using e-waybills in your company, write to us at support@waybiller.com or call +372 606 8120.

Ruu Kivi, Allar Leedu

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