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What is Waybiller?

Waybiller is a software that provides an easy-to-use e-waybills solution for logistics companies. The software allows companies to replace paper waybills with digital waybills and benefit from the increased overall efficiency of logistics, resulting in increased economic competitiveness.

Waybiller is suitable for all companies: from small family business owners transporting goods seasonally to enterprises transporting goods daily.

Work smarter, not harder

Reducing manual work with scale and accounting integrations means saving hundreds of hours per month with labour costs.

The cost of managing waybills is reduced by up to 3-4 times and is faster and more accurate.

24/7 real-time overview of your transport orders and vehicles with synchronised live data.

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Integrate scales and systems

  • Integration with the port’s software allows ports to issue digital delivery notes quickly and automatically issue gate permits upon receipt of goods.
  • Integration with the weighing system allows the shipper to automatically create an e-waybill and transfer the weight of the goods there.
  • The created e-waybill is also immediately available to the transport company and the receiver through Waybiller.
On average, your company could save 30000 sheets of paper yearly, hundreds of hours of manual work, and reduce the cost of managing waybills by up to 3-4 times by switching to Waybiller now.

Our success stories project is funded by the Norway Grants Green ICT programme. Digitalisation of waybills has a positive impact on the environment as well as on the transparency of the highway transport. At the same time, digital waybills help to spare human and time resources and boost the efficiency of transport companies. The implementation period of the Green ICT small scheme project, project code EU53330 , was 01.07.2019-31.10.2019. The implementation period of the Green ICT main scheme project, project code EU53940, is 01.08.2020-31.07.2023. Green ICT project manager is Heiti Mering (

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