Kiviluks keeps track of orders with Waybiller

Kiviluks, a company with long quarry experience, now keeps an eye on the freight with the help of Waybiller. Digitisation of loader scales saves time at the expense of manual data entry.   Overview Kiviluks is a private capital-based company founded in 1997. The company started with the idea of ​​valuing domestic mineral material by […]

Why did Ruu Kivi start using e-waybills?

Ruu Kivi is a company with a long history that sells high-quality granite gravel to the Estonian market, which is used for various purposes, e.g. for seal coating, anti-skid road treatment, railway ballast, and the production of asphalt concrete mixtures and concrete. Before the spring of 2020, only paper waybills were used for granite gravel […]

E-waybills help PK Oliver work 8 times faster

PK Oliver is a very good example of how a company that mainly transports wood chips reorganized its work using e-waybills. Waybiller reduced the time they spent on reviewing reports from 4 business days to 4 hours and gave all parties access to real-time information. PK Oliver is an Estonian company whose main activity is […]

How TREV-2 saves a lot of time using e-waybills

In early 2020, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between various stakeholders to digitize the transport of bulk materials in Estonia. One of the parties was also the Transport Administration, which has been organizing procurements since 2020, where using e-waybills is mandatory for all performed transports. According to the memorandum of cooperation, Transport Administration planned […]

YIT Eesti saves time on the Rail Baltica project with Waybiller

The construction company AS YIT Eesti uses the Waybiller software for digital waybills on the sites of the joint Baltic project Rail Baltica. Rail Baltica connects Estonia with the countries of Central and Western Europe and provides passengers and goods with an additional new, fast and modern opportunity to move from north to south and […]

Fully digital grain transportation with Waybiller

Jahvataja OÜ operates a fully digital grain terminal in cooperation with Waybiller. In addition, important changes have been introduced in the terminals of KEVILI Farmers Cooperative in Roodevälja and Rõngu.   Jahvataja OÜ Jahvataja OÜ grows cereals and legumes and installed an automatic scale for sending and receiving loads. In addition to automatic weighing, a […]

How Taital Trans is becoming paperless

The first 4-axle twin-wheel tipper was registered in Estonia in the second half of 2019. From then onward, in addition to the other conditions, it has become mandatory to use e-waybills in order to transport cargo on Estonian roads with a maximum train weight of 52 tons. As a result, transportation companies (including Taital Trans) […]

The Port of Kunda digitized vehicle scales

The Port of Kunda is an active regional cargo port in the Gulf of Finland, on the southern coast of the Gulf of Kunda between Cape Toolse and Ulluneeme. Since February 2019, Kunda Sadam AS has been performing cargo loading operations in the port and timber terminals and operates closed warehouses. The most important export […]

Eesti Killustik saves time and money by digitalising quarries

With digitalised data transmission in quarries and e-waybills, Eesti Killustik can now provide its customers with a paperless and efficient experience.   Overview In cooperation with Waybiller and Thorgate, Eesti Killustik automated data transmission in all their quarries. Eesti Killustik is an Estonia-based mining company engaged in the extraction of mineral resources and the production […]

E-waybills help keeping the waste transportation simple and clear

Ragn-Sells Estonia is a company that has been fighting for the preservation of the environment for 25 years and knows firsthand what methods are the most effective for this cause. The company specializes in providing recycling services throughout Estonia, and recyclable materials are exported to nine different countries. In 2020, Ragn-Sells used Waybiller’s e-waybill environment […]